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Climate Change

Climate Change is the defining issue for our generation. With the UK setting its own bold agenda and hosting COP26 in November 2021, BEI members are themselves already heavily involved in delivering tangible programmes that tackle this issue on a global scale. Working with them, we seek to highlight the issues being faced and demonstrate the solutions already available.
British Expertise International

Climate Change Focus

Explore and deep dive into the scale of the challenges that are facing governments, institutions and organisations.
Understand the key thematic areas and work with our members to produce reports, illustrating the expertise and capabilities of UK organisations.
Engage with key stakeholders such as multiple HMG Departments, foreign representatives, international financial institutions, multi-lateral agencies and funding bodies.
Latest Member Publication

Accelerating Climate Finance – a view from UK-based specialist providers

The report outlines the role of Climate Finance in supporting mitigation and adaptation actions that will address climate change, showcasing the unique capabilities of BEI members.

Launched November 2023

Member Publication

Nature-based Solutions in Urban Areas

The Guide provides information in an easy-to-use format aimed at local stakeholders in the Global South who want to know what steps they need to take to move their initial idea for NbS into a feasible proposal.

Launched September 2023

Recent Climate Change Publications

Nature-based Solutions

The impacts of climate change, including desertification, reduced rainfall, and increased drought are severely affecting development gains in Sudan.

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Extreme Weather Risk & Climate Resilience

Monsoon rains are vital for agriculture and pastoralism, but they can also cause harm by flooding, particularly in urban areas.

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Built Environment

Aiming to help decarbonise industrial sectors which are difficult or unable to electrify through large-scale production, storage and transport of green hydrogen.

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Working with our members to produce a positive impact

BEI Working Group:

Climate Change

  • Providing a platform for networking, showcasing expertise and capabilities, sharing information and delivering outputs.
  • Summarise and promote British Expertise International’s members and the UK’s expertise in this sector, demonstrating pioneering thought leadership and innovative solutions being delivered by members.
  • Bringing together members and stakeholders to further engage on the post-COP26 agenda, the role of the business in adapting and mitigating the effects of climate change and leveraging opportunities to profile and showcase members.
Sub-Working Group:
Nature-based Solutions
Expertise related to helping global, national, and local clients meet the challenge of preparing for increasing climate impacts, loss of biodiversity and natural disasters through the Nature-based Solutions framework.
Sub-Working Group:
Extreme Weather Risk and Climate Resilience
Expertise encompassing weather and climate services, urban resilience, climate risk reduction, capacity building in climate adaptation, and innovating in climate resilience financing.
Sub-Working Group:
Built Environment
The Built Environment needs to be adapted for and mitigated from the impacts of climate change. British based organisations have a significant contribution to make in supporting this transition by providing clean solutions across the entirety of the project cycle.
Sub-Working Group:
Climate FInance
Members of this group will look to showcase and summarise current market solutions, help SME’s breakdown and navigate complex procurement processes and engage with stakeholders across the financial sector.
Climate Change

Working Group Members