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Membership of British Expertise International provides access to a unique community of UK based companies exporting infrastructure, capacity building and international development expertise globally.
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Collaboration and Information Sharing
Our events and activities provide a platform for information sharing and partnerships between members, whilst promoting thought leadership.
Industry Insights
Through our local and international networks, we keep our members informed on key thematic issues and developments in their sector.
We provide a platform for effective interactions between members, partners and other stakeholders, both remotely and at in-person events.
Engaging with Government
We engage with UK and foreign government representatives for insights, support and to partner on international opportunities.
Market Intelligence
We facilitate events and activities to share useful and relevant information on a wide range of topics of interest to our members.
Raising Profile
We help to showcase our members' capabilities and amplify their visibility through a number of activities including participation in expert panel events, social media etc.
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We provide market insights to help you explore opportunities internationally.

Membership rates are based on company size and headcount
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Membership rates are based on company size and headcount
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Terms & Conditions Apply
Membership rates are based on company size and headcount
Enquire now
Terms & Conditions Apply
Membership rates are based on company size and headcount
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Terms & Conditions Apply
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Paul Dyson
Managing Director
Their reputation as a voice for UK business overseas continues to ensure that the private sector is able to have a spokesperson to help affect positive change and now, with COVID pandemic, their leadership is ever more salient.
Crossrail International
Gordon Turley
Director - Major Projects
British Expertise International plays a valuable role in organising high-profile events, liaising with government clients and playing a co-ordination role. Their support during COVID-19 has proved valuable –supporting UK businesses to respond to the immediate situation and its aftermath.
Mott MacDonald
Leslie Maruziva
Head, Int. Project Finance
& Govt. Relations
As a company with an international outreach, we have welcomed the regular updates from BEI and in particular, we find the Ambassadorial briefings extremely informative. They are a useful source for a different perspective on our target markets.
Bam Nutall
Sinéad Magill
Managing Partner-EMEA
We value British Expertise International’s excellent convening power and they can be relied upon to pull together great speakers, influential thinkers and industry leaders to address the topics of the day.
Jonathan Pell
As a longstanding member, Adam Smith International appreciates BEI’s ability to provide important platforms and forums for effective policy dialogue with decision-makers in UK government, and the impressive calendar of networking events they host.
Adam Smith International
Annabel Bradbury
BEI has been integral in mediating between private sector suppliers and DFID, both with respect to business continuity related to Coronavirus, and in representing the aid sector in discussions around the impacts related to the new FCDO department.