November 10, 2021

Report: Climate Change – Extreme Weather Risk and Climate Resilience

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Second Edition – Launched August 2022

Purpose and Audience

This Extreme Weather Risk and Climate Resilience Group (EWCRG) paper showcases the unique capabilities of EWCRG companies. They are illustrated through an at-a-glance overview of company specialisms and a set of case studies. This paper is designed to meet the needs of a range of agencies seeking rapid insights into the service and advisory offering of EWCRG companies. The agencies for whom this paper has been developed include:

•  UK Government Agencies (DIT, BEIS, FCDO, Innovate UK, DEFRA)

•  Governments

•  Bilateral Development Agencies

•  Multilateral Development Agencies

The BEI Extreme Weather Risk and Climate Resilience Sub-Working Group

The Extreme Weather Risk and Climate Resilience Group (EWCRG) of BEI is a group of companies that offer the full spectrum of expertise related to helping global, national and local clients meet the challenge of preparing for climate impacts that are increasingly caused by frequent extreme weather events. The expertise of the group encompasses weather and climate services, urban resilience, climate risk reduction, capacity building in climate adaptation, and innovating in climate resilience financing.

The EWCRG is part of the wider BEI Climate Change Working Group, a group of BEI members that offer a full set of professional advisory services related to mitigating and adapting to climate change.

British Expertise International

British Expertise International (BEI) is a membership organisation dedicated to supporting its members who provide services including infrastructure, capacity building, weather and climate services and international development, with a particular focus on the dynamic and growing markets of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and South-East Europe.

BEI works closely with the UK and foreign governments to help its members understand international markets and opportunities they present through a wide range of activities. BEI members range from some of the UK’s largest companies to some of the smallest, but all share a common goal of exporting the best of UK expertise in professional services.

BEI has successfully delivered this unique focus, working both across various networks and alongside the UK Government and other stakeholders, for over 50 years.

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