BEI Weekly Update
Nov 20, 2020

BEI Weekly Update — 20th November 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

Welcome news of a significant uplift to defence spending is recognition of the secondary benefits brought to UK companies from such investment. Yet the same applies to international development spending, where UK companies are globally recognised as leaders in the efficient and effective delivery of complex projects in support of UK official development assistance. The skills and capabilities the UK benefits from as a result deliver a unique set of capabilities central to the success of Global Britain, including the ability of the UK to support global recovery from the Covid pandemic and efforts to tackle climate change. We continue to work with our members and government stakeholders to encourage a recognition of the significant return on investment from the UK’s international development commitments, and the need to sustain and support these as part of our global commitment at a significant inflection point in the UK’s foreign policy direction.

It’s been another busy week for BEI with the finalisation of a new report from our Education Working Group, a discussion of the role of Green Financing in the world’s post-Covid recovery, and efforts to support more effective government-industry collaboration to power UK infrastructure exports.

Today we are excited to launch a new briefing paper, “Recover Learning, Rebuild Education — Solutions to the Covid-19 Education crisis: a view from UK-based specialist education providers”, which represents the combined insights of the 18 members of our Education Working Group (EWG). The report outlines sustainable and systemic interventions that can be used to respond to the global Covid-19 education emergency, informed by the deep knowledge and expertise of EWG members, together with implementation support our members can offer. The paper concludes multi-stakeholder partnerships are key to tackle the huge systemic challenges of post-Covid education. Our Education Working Group will be engaging with the global stakeholder network over coming months to support a stronger and more sustainable rebuilding, which will ensure support meets the needs of the most vulnerable.

The UK Special Envoy for Girls’ Education and Minister for the Overseas Territories and Sustainable Development, Baroness Sugg wrote an article calling on businesses to help girls in developing countries reach their potential through education. She pointed out, “As the future employers of the next generation of women and drivers of growth in vulnerable countries, businesses have a vital role to play in confronting this challenge, tearing down obstacles that keep girls from learning and achieving their potential.”

Elsewhere this week, the FCDO published their response to Independent Commission for Aid Impact’s recommendations on Sexual exploitation and abuse by international peacekeepers (an accompanying report to the ICAI review of the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative). FCDO accepted both recommendations whose details are available HERE.

Future Events Highlights…

On 27th November, we are co-hosting an event with our media partner Infrastructure Intelligence looking at the key trends, developments and the prospects for UK firms looking for commercial opportunities overseas. Join BEI CEO Tom Cargill and a panel of industry experts to understand the fast-changing global Infrastructure landscape in a post-Brexit, post-Covid era working towards Zero Carbon.

Join us on 3rd December, for a presentation on the recently published UK strategy on safeguarding against sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment within the aid sector. The presentation will be led Peter Taylor Head of the Safeguarding Unit at FCDO.

On 8th December, we look forward to hosting Sean Jordon, Country Director for DIT South Africa, for an insightful conversation exploring Infrastructure Opportunities focusing on ongoing and upcoming projects. In addition, the presentation will cover political and economic updates.

On 9th December, we’re hosting the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) for a presentation on their review on UK Aid & Tackling Modern Slavery. ICAI’s review looks at UK aid spending of over £200 million to tackle modern slavery in developing countries.

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Tom Cargill
Chief Executive Officer
British Expertise International

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