Update: Transition back to work

Pending a gradual return to using 23 Grafton Street for physical events we have evaluated how the existing meeting, assembly and events spaces can be repurposed to best assist members.

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In response to the current realities all our events will be hosted via webinar until such time as it is deemed safe to resume in-person meetings.

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Collaboration Group

We have created a Covid-19 collaboration group using the Teams platform for our international development members and hope this will enable greater learning and sharing of experiences and activities in response to Covid-19, at central, country and programme levels.

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A series of consultations is underway for companies working in Infrastructure and more information is available from our senior infrastructure advisor Campbell Keir.

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British Expertise International is rapidly repositioning to help our members through the current crisis. Our events have moved online, and a primary focus is on facilitating immediate dialogue between industry and government on supporting safety, business continuity, and the longer-term health of the UK’s global infrastructure, capacity building and international development export capability.

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