February 10, 2022

Report: Recover Learning, Rebuild Education

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Recover Learning, Rebuild Education. Solutions to the Covid-19 Education crisis: a view from UK-based specialist education providers – Third Edition

Members of the Education Working Group (EWG) of British Expertise International (BEI) are on the front line of the Covid-19 education crisis, working together with government and donor partners. This briefing paper presents the views of the EWG on the dimensions of the crisis, based on their deep technical experience and expertise. It outlines sustainable and systemic interventions that can be used to respond, together with the support EWG can offer to implement them.

Above all, this paper seeks to reinforce the critical need for a concerted effort, by all key actors, to respond to this education emergency and mitigate the impact on the most vulnerable in society. EWG members stand ready to play their part in that response.

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