June 4, 2024

Report: Water Resilience - Unlocking local and global benefits through collaboration

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First Edition – Launched June 2024

Purpose and Audience

This report outlines the challenges and opportunities in building water resilience: the technical, organisational and institutional capacity to adapt to climate shocks and external stresses on the water system, to protect people and nature from the risks, and to help repair the damage. It explores the interconnected problems facing decision makers and offers a range of tried and tested solutions, illustrated with practical case studies from around the world, with a focus on low- and middle- income countries (LMICs).

Our aim is to showcase the unique capabilities of BEI members who offer services to governments, utilities and the wider economy to help build water resilience, both in the UK and around the world.  The report provides practical examples of these specialisms and how they are put into practice to solve real-world problems.

The report is directed at those who see rapid insights and technical support in this vital area, including:

  • Government departments in the UK and around the world with responsibility for utilities, industry, environmental protection and international development.
  • Utilities managing water supply and wastewater.
  • Bilateral and multilateral development agencies.

We believe that the organisations highlighted here can be a significant part of the solution to the existential water challenges that the world now faces and look forward to facilitating a productive dialogue between those who are working to make a positive difference.

British Expertise International

British Expertise International (BEI) is the leading business development network for UK-based companies exporting expertise in infrastructure, capacity building and international development services, with a focus on the fast-growing, emerging and developing international markets of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.

BEI works closely with the UK and foreign governments to help members understand international markets and the opportunities they present through a wide range of activities. BEI members range from some of the UK’s largest companies to some of the smallest, but all share a common goal of exporting the best of UK expertise in professional services.

BEI’s Climate Change programme helps explore and deep dive into the scale of the challenges that are facing governments, institutions and organisations as a result of anthropocentric climate change, engaging with key stakeholders such as government departments, foreign representatives, international financial institutions, multi-lateral agencies and funding bodies.

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