The Catalyst Special Report: Climate Change

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Letter from the Editor

The time is now to address climate change. This has been the rallying cry from scientists and those in the know for years, and as we head into a crucial year for rebuilding our world in a more sustainable way, the call has reached a fever pitch.

But solving the climate crisis won’t happen overnight, and it certainly won’t happen in silos. Innovative solutions and collaboration across countries, sectors, governments, and industries must be part of the conversation if we’re going to succeed, sustainably and equitably.

This is a topic that’s near to our hearts at Palladium and The Catalyst. With operations in over 90 countries, many, if not all of our projects and initiatives have sustainability at the core of each of their missions. We recently solidified our commitment to fighting climate change by signing up to the Business Ambition for a 1.5 degree future, a global call to action on climate change under the Science Based Targets initiative along a coalition of UN agencies, business and industry leaders.

Our work reflects that commitment and always has, long before recent years were dubbed the ‘Year of Climate Action,’ because we know that what’s better for the earth and climate is often better for business, too. We’re on the edge of change and though scientists say there’s still time to mitigate and adapt to address the rapidly worsening crisis, it will require innovative solutions, partnerships, and a rapid shift in how investors value natural assets.

The articles in this edition of our Special Report are curated from those published by our thought leaders and reflect their unique perspectives on addressing climate change, be it a particular industry, stakeholder, case study, or point of view.

I hope you’ll find something in these pages that resonates with you, and if so, I welcome you to get in touch.

All the best,

Elizabeth Godo
Director of Communications

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