BEI Weekly Update
Dec 11, 2020

BEI Weekly Update — 11th December 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

We have one final event next week before Christmas and the end of 2020, which we encourage you to join, looking back at 2020 and through to 2021 to share insights and explore some of the likely trends impacting UK business and exports of Infrastructure, capacity building and international development. Of course the terms of our departure from the EU loom large over much of our lives, as does the threat of a recession and post-covid-19 recovery, but given our focus at BEI on the growth markets of Asia, Africa, Middle East, South East Europe and Latin America & the Caribbean, there is much else that will impact export opportunities, and with far less coverage elsewhere. To take one example, the success of the Department for International Trade in replicating or enhancing trade terms through agreements with 57 countries over the past 2 years, covering nearly £200 billion of trade, is no mean feat. This is in no way to diminish the importance of our trade with the EU, but merely to point out it is not the only issue companies need to be aware of.

Two BEI events this week underscored the value of our continued focus on these challenges and opportunities for UK exporters around the world. On Tuesday Sean Jordon-Kirwan, DIT South Africa Country Director, joined us for a comprehensive update on the business environment, and likely opportunities ahead for UK business with a key gateway market for the African continent. This was followed later in the week with a discussion of some of the major achievements, experiences and challenges amongst the UK’s private sector international development providers, which are globally recognised for their experience and expertise in operating in and tackling some of the world’s most complex challenges as a force for good in the world.

The leader of the House of Commons confirmed this week that the International Development Committee (IDC) will continue scrutinising the work of Government. In a letter sent to Chair of the IDC Committee, Jacob Rees-Mogg advised that the Government no longer intends to bring forward a motion to alter the current committee structure. This decision is welcome as it will ensure that the IDC will continue to play an important role in parliamentary scrutiny, especially now as the UK looks to reposition itself globally.

Next week our newsletter will be the last before 2021, looking ahead to some of the likely highlights in the year ahead. We welcome your ideas on themes and topics you would like to see covered and also suggestions on speakers/ thought leaders that you would also like us to host. Please email us with your views.

Our new website now also has a Job Board, where members and our partners can post job vacancies they may wish to advertise. This service is currently available free of charge and encourage our members to make use of it. Please contact Matthew for additional information.

Next Week at British Expertise…

On December 15th, we are convening a fantastic panel discussion on 2020 in Review and looking ahead to 2021. As the world recovers from the pandemic, ‘Building Back Better’ and ‘Greener’ are the buzz phrases. Key issues to address include how the UK will fare post-Brexit transition, where are the areas of global opportunity for UK business, what unique capabilities does the UK bring in its global offer and much more. Join us.

Future Event Highlights…

Join us for our first event of the year, on 13 January, entitled Rebooting Global Trade post-Covid. As the world is entering a ‘new normal’ with the imminent roll-out of Covid-19 vaccination, understanding global trends, UK post-Brexit transition and the associated physical and regulatory infrastructure required to move goods and services around the world has rarely been so important for exporters. We are pleased to be joined by Andrew Mitchell CMG, Director General, Markets & Supply Chains at the Department for International Trade and Alan Carter, Assistant Director, International Relations and Capacity Building Team at HMRC, to discuss the role their departments play in supporting business. UK organisations can offer a range of exceptional solutions to governments to help get trade moving, facilitate market access, increase tax revenue, eliminate illicit trade & excise tax losses, and more — and two of our member organisations, De La Rue and Intertek, will join the panel to discuss some of their case studies and share best practice in this area.

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With Best Wishes

Tom Cargill
Chief Executive Officer
British Expertise International

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