Member profile: Clearview Intelligence
Clearview has been delivering technology solutions to the highways and transport sector for over 40 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas to the industry. The Clearview Intelligence story starts in 1974 with Golden River Traffic, which developed the first fully electronic traffic counter that enabled direct data transfer to a computer. Since then, the technology has moved on and so has the brand. From Golden River traffic counters, Astucia road studs and the Clearview Traffic Group Insight platform, to the creation of the Clearview Intelligence brand, it has been a journey of iteration, innovation and invention. One of their flagship offerings is Smart Mobility – an ecosystem that delivers safer, more accessible, environmentally friendly and sustainable, intelligent and connected transport systems that are both efficient and effective.

BEI's Katie Duffy writes on Water Positivity
As companies look to address these issues, the concept of ‘water positivity’, whereby companies look to return more water to freshwater than is withdrawn, has gained traction. Organisations are now racing to not only save water but to also identify areas – in their manufacturing, operations and supply chain – where water security is an issue and to overcompensate for usage in these areas.
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Luisa's meeting with the Uzbek Ambassador to the UK
This week, we had the pleasure to meet with the Uzbek Ambassador to the UK. There is no secret that the modern Uzbekistan is set on an ambitious path of economic and political reforms which are set to make it one of the world’s most exciting markets. We are working closely with the Embassy to map out specific commercial and strategic opportunities for our members, while benefiting from the UKEF’s country budget limit of £2.5bn.

We are looking forward to welcoming this year senior government representatives from Uzbekistan among which, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Investment and Ministry of Education.

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