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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register on the British Expertise International website?
  • Save time - Enter your details once only. Whenever you wish to register to attend an event your details will already be on the system.
  • Save money - the members' section of the website automatically displays members' rates for those events that are not free to members.
  • Whenever you access the British Expertise International website from your registered domain you will automatically enter the Members' home page - no need to log on again, no need to remember the password, easy access to all the members' benefits including members' rates, password protected documents and the Message Board.
  • It is easy to change your personal details at any time - simply click on 'Manage my details' on the Members' home page.

How much will I pay?

  • Our subscription fees are linked to the number of your staff. Contact Tracey Smith for a no-commitment discussion of how much that would be.

Can a non-member attend your meetings / go on your missions?

A major benefit of British Expertise International membership is that attendance at almost all of our events is free. As a non-member you may find events closed to you, although some may be accessible for a modest fee. Please call us for more information on membership.

Business Development Missions are open to non-members.

However, certain specialised opportunities are by invitation only.

What does British Expertise International do?

British Expertise International is the leading British private sector organisation for support to providers of professional services abroad.

We run trade missions.
We supply project leads.
We organise meetings in London with a wide range of speakers.
We run training seminars for exporters.
We help solve members' problems.
We provide advice.
And we work with governments at home and abroad in support of our members.

Why should I join?

Because you will be able to network with many of the best British companies marketing expertise in a range of sectors. And you will be able to take advantage of the range of services we offer, to the benefit of your business.

We don't just provide advice, support and project leads - our networking opportunities mean that members can forge alliances and consortia in putting together project bids.

How do I join?

See Membership details

How much will I pay?

Our subscription fees are linked to the number of your staff. Contact Christine Lumsden for a no-commitment discussion of how much that would be.

What help do I get if I join a British Expertise International trade mission?

The highly experienced staff at British ExpertiseInternational, working with others such as UK Trade & Investment and staff in British Embassies abroad, will support you and your colleagues before, during and after the mission. This will include recommended travel packages, help with setting up contacts in the market, possible government assistance with your expenses and advice on the market through the UKTI OMIS (Overseas market Introduction Service) scheme. Many of our members tell us that turning up at the airport is all they have to think about!

Why is your networking so valuable?

You will meet exactly the people you need to meet, in one place, ready to talk business one-to-one or as a group.

Can a non-member attend your meetings/go on your missions?

Absolutely. But as a non-member you will pay a bit more, and miss out on the wide range of other services we provide pro-actively for members.

Are you just about big business?

Emphatically not. Our membership includes a number of sole traders, for whom we are constantly seeking to improve the specialised services they want and need.

Are you funded by the Government?

We are not. British Expertise International runs on subscription income, plus fee income for paid services. But we have a close and positive relationship with a range of Government Departments, such as FCO, DTI, UKTI, DFID and DEFRA. We make contacts with government whenever we need to.