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Anti-Corruption Forum

Founded in 2004, the Anti-Corruption Forum is an alliance of UK business associations, professional institutions, civil society organisations and companies, mainly but not entirely those with interests in the domestic and international infrastructure sector. The Forum's objective is to help create a business environment that is free from corruption. British Expertise International co-ordinates the administration of the Forum.

The Forum has been very much involved in the efforts to reform the law on bribery in recent years that have led to the Bribery Act 2010 and believes that while no law is perfect, the Act will do a great deal to bring the UK into line with international best practice, and will further encourage British companies to avoid corrupt business practices.

The UK Ministry of justice issued formal guidance in March 2011; but as the formal guidance must apply to companies in all sectors, it is very general. We have prepared our own set of guidance specifically for the infrastructure sector, including case studies related to specific business situations. It is intended to be of direct and practical help to companies involved in the design and construction of infrastructure projects internationally. The Anti-Corruption Forum Guidance for the Infrastructure Sector abridged version can be accessed here. Details on how to obtain a full copy of the document can be found on page 6 of this pdf file.

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