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A warm welcome from myself, our team and our 200+ corporate and institutional members, to British Expertise International.

We are a unique business development organisation dedicated to assisting our members and stakeholders locate, assess and win projects globally in all forms of infrastructure services and international development. Those members employ over six million worldwide and represent the best of UK-based capability operating internationally.

Whether you are involved in delivery of transport, energy, sports, security, healthcare, education; whether you design, build, provide facilities management or other professional services; whether working for the private, public or NGO sector, our members have constantly delivered to the highest standards around the world.  We are proud and honoured that 2017 marks our 50th year of operation.

BEI operates a unique, vibrant and very relevant, collaborative network. We constantly mine this network and a truly extensive database built up over decades to help you understand the issues, connect to the right people and win international business. Members benefit from a mix of briefings, seminars, in-country missions and consulting around market assessment and market access. Operating as a private sector company based in London and with representation in thirty countries around the world we are also a committed partner of the UK Government, on whose behalf we are active in maximising the success of UK international trade.

As of mid 2015 we became part of Strategy International. This like-minded, membership-focused strategic business development group combines BEI, The D Group and Inspire Publishing. Together we serve the full range of endeavor in UK based business, from FTSE 100 to SME, delivering UK and international strategic business development and bespoke international marketing solutions.

Membership of BEI is a pre-requisite of accessing our services. BEI membership is a highly dynamic, connected and co-operative community. We all hope you find this website informative and look forward to the opportunity to help you.

Tracey Smith
CEO, British Expertise International
Deputy Chair, Strategy International