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CATBIG: Meet the FCO's Caspian Energy Adviser

Date: Wednesday, 20 June 2012-Wednesday, 20 June 2012
Time: 1530

British Expertise, 10 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0DH

Guest speaker(s):

Angus Miller is the Foreign & Commonwealth Office's (FCO) Caspian Energy Adviser, and we are delighted to welcome him to this CATBIG meeting where he will talk about the current situation and prospects in the oil and gas producing and transit countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Georgia).

As Energy Adviser to the FCO, Angus liaises closely with the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC); Caspian State Governments; international and national investors and their advisers; British Embassies; academics and regional stakeholders. He also works closely with European Commission officals on initiatives to improve understanding of regional energy issues from a EU-wide perspective.

Prior to joing the FCO, Angus worked with several of the world's leading energy companies including Italy's Eni Group and the UK's British Gas, and he was also a Director of PwC's global energy practise, based in Houston.

Angus is therefore ideally placed to talk to CATBIG members to give them geopolitical and strategic insights into the oil and gas sector, which underpins so much of the business opportunities in the Caspian Region.

The meeting will conclude with networking drinks.

British Expertise Members: FREE
CATBIG members: £25 + VAT

CATBIG: Meet the FCO's Caspian Energy Adviser

CATBIG: Meet the FCO's Caspian Energy Adviser

CATBIG: Meet the FCO's Caspian Energy Adviser